Testimonials: What Leaders Have To Say About John

Tim Frey, Owner, Vista Care (Sheboygan, WI)

John Donovan helped VistaCare scale their operations in human resources, accounting and finance.

"John helped us implement systems for payroll, human resources, accounting and maintenance management that have enabled Vista Care to successfully scale up operations."  

Scott Paradis, Writer and Trainer (Anchorage, AK)

Author and trainer Scott Paradis recommends CloverNord President John Donovan as a consultant

"John possesses a unique blend of business acumen, tenacity, and a nuanced ability to get people to collaborate to arrive at the best possible solution.  His solutions to business challenges always put people first. "

Miguel Rivera, Program Manager, SAIC (Radcliff, KY)

Miguel Rivera recommends John Donovan for small business management consulting services

"Few people have the skills and ability to lead others the way John leads a team…his positive mental attitude is contagious…a great leader and an even a better motivator."

Mari K. Eder, Retired Army General and CEO, Bensons Review (Northern VA)

Mari Eder recommends John Donovan as your small business consultant

"John knows how to evaluate situations, projects, teams and personnel to build the perfect mix, ensuring success...he is an insight to every organization he joins and as a consultant, brings value added to high-performing organizations every day. I can't recommend him too highly."

Mike Diamond, CEO at Diamond Strategy Group (Birmingham, AL)

CEO, Diamond Strategy Group recommends John Donovan for small business strategy consulting services

"People love him for his candor, integrity, results-oriented drive and exceeding customer service requirements. I want John on my team any time any place whatever the situation. He brings solutions to problems and issues in minimal time that always exceeds my expectations."

Norma Nixon, Retired COO, Informed DNA (St. Petersburg, FL)

Norma Nixon recommends CloverNord President John Donovan for your small business consulting needs

" I wholeheartedly recommend that you tap into John's vast reservoir of knowledge, wisdom and positive energy for your problem solving needs...John's superior communication and active listening skills make him an ideal partner to optimize your time while producing superior results."

Charles Triplett, Solutions Architect, SAIC (Culpeper, Virginia)

Large consulting firm employee recommends John Donovan and CloverNord Management Consulting.

"John is an experienced professional with a broad range of skills and business acumen. An excellent communicator and problem solver John works with clients to solve complex problems and deliver value. I recommend John as one of those "go to" advisors when nothing less than the best will do."

Charles "Buster" Hash, Chief of Staff, Facilities Services Directorate (Washington, DC)

Senior business leader recommends John Donovan and CloverNord Management Consulting.

"John Donovan is the reason things happen; always positive and mission focused, he gets things done efficiently and effectively without drama or an ego getting in the way. His advice is reasoned and he believes in solutions that endure for his clients."

Gary Kayser, Program Manager, AFSC/Magellan Federal (Arlington, VA)

Consulting services manager recommends John Donovan and CloverNord Management Consulting.

 "John blends the best of being a trusted adviser and an experienced problem solver with performance-based focus and a genuine partnering approach. His leadership inspires confidence, instills loyalty, and establishes a strong foundation for positive results." 

Richard V Dederer, Senior Project Manager, Edward Jones (St. Louis, MO)

Senior project manager recommends John Donovan and CloverNord Management Consulting services.

"His tact and ability to find common ground in the most difficult of situations sets him apart from other leaders... there is no better professional that I would want in my corner fighting the good fights that need to be fought. Truly, John is one of the good ones."

Bill Atkinson, Director, Officer of the Under Secretary of Defense (Washington, DC)

High-ranking government official  recommends John Donovan and CloverNord Management Consulting.

"John is a consummate team player, a dedicated professional, and an outstanding coach and mentor...John not only superbly managed his portfolio but he also assisted others...to ensure mission accomplishment in each individual area and for the entire office."

Tim Burris, IT Specialist, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (Indianapolis, IN)

Government IT specialist recommends John Donovan and CloverNord Management Consulting services.

 "John actively listens to his client's requests ensuring understanding and clarity regarding tasks to be completed...he brings with him the highest integrity of any with whom I worked.  John is an outstanding team player who repeated brings out the best in all."

James Doty, Retired Army General & City Councilman (Cibolo, Texas)

Brigadier General (Retired) James Doty recommends CloverNord consultant John Donovan.

"John Donovan is among the most successful senior executives I have been privileged to have worked with. He is strategically minded and objective-oriented. Additionally his people skills are exceptional...I will engage him without hesitation should I require the services in his company’s portfolio."

Brad Genet, Program Manager, SAIC (Elizabethtown, KY)

Brad Genet, Program Manager, SAIC, recommends CloverNord consultant John Donovan

"John is an effective leader that ably communicates with all levels from executive leadership to the individual members doing the work. He has the ability to quickly, accurately and thoroughly assess complex issues and provide solid and effective solutions that address the customer's requirements."

Greg Maida, Project Manager, Department of Veteran's Affairs (Orlando, FL)

Greg Maida, Project Manager, Department of Veteran's Affairs, recommends consultant John Donovan

"John has a proven track record of successfully working with others to ensure the success of the organization and individuals. He has a depth of experience with diverse organizations and finds creative solutions to complex challenges. John's expertise is highly sought after and his focus on customer service is world class."

Russell Frutiger, Chief Operating Officer, ASM Research (Fairfax, VA)

ASM Research COO Russell "Rusty" Frutiger endorses CloverNord consultant John Donovan

"John is an outstanding leader and thinker. He can be counted on to get the job done and will succeed every time. He is someone you need on your team." 

Mike Evans, Military Affairs Representative, USAA (Northfield, MN)

USAA Military Affairs Representative Mike Evans recommends CloverNord consultant John Donovan

"I have known John for years, and his knowledge, skills, and leadership attributes are top tier. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in any future capacity."