CloverNord: Small Business Advisors

John and Kathleen Donovan are ready to work for you!


We are John and Kathleen Donovan. John is the Principal Consultant at CloverNord and Kathleen is the Project Assistant. We are located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, but can assist clients anywhere in the United States.

Our Background

After serving twenty-nine years in the US Army, John retired from active duty as a colonel. In the corporate world he leveraged his international MBA by serving companies as a human resources director, IT portfolio manager, chief financial officer, and vice president of a multi-million dollar consulting firm. Along the way he helped organizations of all sizes implement systems and processes to make them more profitable and easier to manage (check out what those organization leaders have to say about John here). Kathleen has eleven years of experience managing projects and subcontractor activities. She also performed accounting functions in the construction and field service industries and has trained employees to do this work better themselves. In 2018, we created CloverNord Management Consulting to help smaller companies reach their full potential. 

Can We Help You?

In most small and medium size companies, the leaders spend most of their time creating/selling their goods or providing their service. What little time they do have left seems to get eaten up with administrative tasks, not focused effort on growing the business. That's where we can help! As your business advisor, we offer coaching and consulting services to diagnose problems, recommend projects, and help you implement solutions.

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