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How a small business advisor can help

A Focused Approach to Success

CloverNord helps business owners become more successful by helping to improve the four key pillars of any company:

  • Human Resources -- employing systems that create happy and engaged business stakeholders.  Small businesses need the right people doing the right things the right way at the right time.  We offer tools to help your employees develop both personally and professionally while establishing accountability for both functions and processes.  We guide leaders to help people play to their strengths, set clear expectations, show your employees what "right" looks like, and give appropriate recognition. 
  • Strategic Planning -- driving sustainable growth in revenue and gross margins by thinking about the big picture.  It starts with a vision and is followed by an analysis of the competitive environment. We'll examine your core customers, your products/services, and what your company's brand is really all about. This will drive what differentiates you in the marketplace and helps to identify your key performance indicators (KPIs).  From here, we can look long-term: 10-25 years out.
  • Business Execution -- ensuring operations, sales and marketing processes are running smoothly.  This is accomplished by first ensuring the everyone is properly aligned with this quarter's #1 priority. Communication, accountability, and timely feedback are key elements and we'll show you the tools and systems to make this easy.  All employees will know quantitatively whether or not they are succeeding -- everyone will know the score.
  • Financial Management -- improving cash flow, increasing labor efficiency, and driving profits.  We'll examine your cash conversion cycle and determine cash acceleration strategies.  You'll see how to use seven financial levers to your advantage: price, volume, direct costs, operating expenses, accounts receivable, inventory/work-in-progress, and accounts payable.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us for a free, no-obligation initial consultation. We'll listen to your priorities and discuss what steps we can take to achieve your goals.