The CloverNord Scorecard

"Simply the easiest and most practical tool for scaling a firm's cash flow  -- giving the leadership team real insight into the 7 critical levers for driving valuation."

Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

CloverNord Scorecard

CloverNord Scorecard

Chapter One -- Profit and Loss

What is your business engine generating in terms of Revenue, Gross Margin, Operating Profit and Retained Profit?

Chapter Two -- Working Capital

How much is invested in Inventory, Receivables and Payables? What is the relationship between your Gross Margin and your Working Capital?

Chapter Three -- Other Capital

Most businesses require Assets in order to generate Profit, but how efficiently are they being used? 

Chapter Four -- Funding

A look at Cash, Debt and Equity. Here's where we explore the relationship between Profit and Cash Flow and find out where the money went.  

The Power of One

Do you know what the impact on your profit, cash flow and value of your business that a 1% price increase has versus a 1% volume increase?  These and five other key levers are analyzed.   

Business Value Indicator

The Business Value Indicator provides a simple methodology to have a discussion about Value and how it can be improved. (This is an indicative valuation -- if you are buying or selling a business more information & more detail would need to be considered.)